SPC Click Anti-bacterial Plank

Dimensions 180 × 1220 × 5 mm
Product Type

SPC Click


Material Type


French Rovere

SKU Code

HT 6230W

Features/Technical Specification

The Benefits
HABITAT is a solid click incorporating superior product performance. The aesthetics of hard wood and natural stone are now combined with the resistance of pure vinyl to scratches, scuffing, stain and dirt. The resistance surface is impervious to water and can be deployed in places that receive spills. With its slip resistance surface and underfoot resilience, you can enjoy walking on it barefoot. Being glueless, it is also eco friendly to install and contributes to improved indoor air quality. The surface is treated with antimicrobial protective coating. With easy maintenance, HABITAT are floors for great interior.

HABITAT can be installed in the residential and light commercial environment. In residential, it can be fitted in the bedroom, study, living and dining area. It can also be installed in dry kitchen and entrance of bathroom by sealing the perimeter edges with silicon caulk. It can be readily installed over existing hard surfaces, and
thus eliminating the need for hacking and removal of existing flooring. It is also recommended for use in light commercial with no heavy rolling loads. The recommended static load limit is 1,000 pounds.


All product specifications and colouration are subject to industry manufacturing tolerances. When properly installed and cared for accordingly, HABITAT offers a 5 years product warranty for residential wear durability. By following the installation and care, HABITAT will provide a beautiful and lasting floor for many years to come.

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