Level Subfloors and SPC Click Installation: Unpacking the Benefits and Challenges of Rigid Core Floating Click Systems

June 29, 2023

SPC Click Flooring Singapore


Advantages and problems of rigid core floating click system

SPC click is the latest flooring product in the market right now. It is strongly marketed as a waterproof flooring product and is getting popular because of its attractive price. Its rigidity can prevent telegraphing, a common problem seen in sheet vinyl and tradition glue-on installation. Some also mistakenly assume that a level and smooth subfloor is no longer required.

It will be good to know that industry experts have warned that imperfect subfloor can still cause flooring failure, even with rigid core Click system. The flooring material shouldn’t be the levelling component. The fact is, an uneven subfloor can compromise the integrity of a rigid product through use over time. For instance, any foot or trolley traffic will cause floor movement if there are spaces beneath. With enough time and loading, they can damage the click joints holding the floor together, resulting in cracks or gaps. At its best, any empty space beneath rigid core will echo when there is foot traffic, causing hollow sound to be heard when walked on.

So, while it may be tempting to save money and maybe some time by installing these products without preparing a level subfloor, it is worth remembering that a flooring failure will cost more in future repairing and replacement.

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