Glue-Down Luxury Vinyl Tiles: A Timeless Choice in the Modern Flooring Market

June 22, 2023

Glue- down vinyl tiles.

Is glue-down luxury vinyl tiles still relevant and can they still shine in modern marketplace loaded with floor options?

The booming flooring industry is chock-full of high-style and innovative products aimed at tapping the unprecedented growth in demand that began in 2020. From the rigid core SPC to a resurgence in hardwood and even laminate and carpet, it seems like there is no shortage of available options for consumers to choose from.

So that begs the question: where does glue-down flooring fit in today’s rigid core-obsessed market and what are the features and benefits that allows it to remain a viable flooring option? According to glue-down LVT suppliers, there are many benefits.

There are various advantages glue down presents over interlocking products are the designs and laying pattern options:

  1. All available designs can be installed in any directions with the flexible to create wood and stone mix design freely.
  2. Any damaged pieces can be replaced individually without disturbing surrounding planks or tiles. Waterproof, speed of installation and the ability to go over an existing floor are the primary advantages of floating floor. However, the condition of the subfloor can significantly impact whether it is appropriate to install a floating floor in commercial application.
  3. Glue-down offers better performance for heavier rolling loads where planks and tiles position will not be resettled. They can freely receive more foot traffic without the adverse risk of joints failure from imperfect subfloor.
  4. Glue-down products don’t require expansion joints every 10-15 meters. As such, glue-down could be more appropriate for larger open areas versus a floating floor such as SPC/LVT. For these reasons, glue-down is still well received in institutional and commercial applications where high foot traffic and heavy load movement require the better performing installation.

Glue-down luxury vinyl tiles offer exceptional durability, moisture resistance, and a seamless appearance when properly installed with adhesive, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and spaces where water exposure is a concern, while also providing a wide range of design options for interior decor.

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