Crucial Considerations for Choosing the Right Flooring Type

July 13, 2023

Types of Flooring


  1. Is the floor slippery (when dry and wet)- Household with old aged adults
  2. The scratch resistance of the surface- For household with roaming pets
  3. Can excrements be properly cleaned- For household with pet (Non toilet trained)
  4. Can food and liquid spillages be easily cleaned- Household with young children
  5. Is it comfortable to crawl on- For household with toddler
  6. Is it comfortable to walk on barefooted- May matter more elderly folk
  7. Is it easy to clean- Important question for household chief
  8. Is periodic maintenance required-For those who loves to upkeep
  9. Should I use natural materials- When upfront and maintenance costs does not matter
  10. How is the sound insulation- For household who keeps dropping items or tapping their feet
  11. Can I wet wash or only damp mop- For household who likes to get the floor washed heavily
  12. Is it food for termite- For those who might have seen their art work
  13. Is the flooring free from harmful chemicals or VOCs- Everyone should be concern
  14. What is the value proposition- As the cheapest buy may turn out to be costly
  15. Confirming the colour and design- Colour and design can be misleading from a small piece of sample due to alternating tone or woodgrain pattern.

Every household need differs, and may change over time. For some of the latest flooring solutions in the market today, chat with our Sales Consultants for some valuable advice for your interior design needs, browse our range of products, or see how our flooring solutions are implemented across different projects.


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